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Allow us to help your business. While you do what you do best. We will take care of the rest. We can manage your accounting and bookkeeping needs for you so you can just focus on growing your bottom line.

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My calling is to help people, to teach people, to share with people, until I die. I can never stop doing that. I can’t, and I don’t want to.

– Steve Harvey

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Reasonable Pricing

We provide competitive prices for the services we offer.

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Responsive Service

We are just a phone or e-mail away, we act quickly on your needs.


Professional Staff

We have been in the bookkeeping industry for over 13 years.

Our Practice

We have 10+ years of bookkeeping experience and are continually furthering our education. We are partnered with a Tax Firm and they are offering our clients FREE tax prep for the first year! If you are looking to grow your business and free up your time we can do just that!

Income Tax

“We have 10+ years of experience…”

“Procrastination will delay your change! Today is a very good day to change; don’t let you stop yourself from growing.”
– Steve Harvey


“I love having a virtual bookkeeper! I don’t pay a full-time bookkeeper, but yet I don’t have to spend my time doing it either. Megan and Harvests Books does everything for me in a timely manner. I always know exactly where I stand when it comes to my company. She’s always available anytime I need her too.”

Denise G.


“Very dedicated individual”

Charles L.


“Amazing! Harvest Books can get and keep you on the right bookkeeping track. Very pro-active. Exactly what I needed for solving all my bookkeeping needs.”

Valerie Burns

Our Services

Harvest Books, LLC can provide you with much administrative support so you can concentrate more on growing your business.


The language of every business is accounting and it all starts with bookkeeping. Our company will record, summarize and report all your business financial activities so that by the end of the day, you will know how well your company did.



Our Company will gladly do your payroll work for you. We will compute what should be the appropriate salary of each employee according to company policy and government laws in an efficient, timely and orderly manner.


Quickbooks Setup

We can help you set up the system and teach you the “how to’s” so you can eventually do your own bookkeeping work and manage your accounting.  We are partnered with CBG to be able to bring you the cheapest Quickbooks pricing.


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Team Work

About Harvest Books

Why Choose Us

Harvest Books, LLC has a team of very dedicated individuals . We are willing to go the extra mile for you and your business. We can help increase your time. Time = Money

Our Method

We can put your financials in order and run reports to show you where your business stands each month. We handle the intricate details and present you with the bigger picture!

Expert Team

Leave it to the experts! When you outsource your bookkeeping work to us, you’ll free yourself up to spend more time doing what you do best- growing your business!

Tech Savvy

We use cutting edge technology to ensure fast and accurate results, our procedures are streamlined and efficient, and as virtual bookkeeping firm, we’re always one call/email away!


We are partnered with a Tax Firm and they are offering our clients FREE tax preparation for the first year!

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