Why your business needs a bookkeeper

“Why do I need a bookkeeper? I can do data entry. “

Oh how many times I have I been told that! Ok sure you can do bookkeeping 🙄. But are you doing it correctly? So many small business owners take it for grant and think they don’t need help with the books. When (ask any bookkeeper) we have seen time and time again you do need help!!

Being a bookkeeper isn’t JUST data entry like most people think. In small business, you need to make sure your bank accounts and credit cards are reconciled every month. You need accurate financial reports, so you know exactly where your business stands and if you need credit to expand your business the banks will ask for these reports. I mean why would you want to wait a whole year to know if you lose money or making it!? I know I don’t! Bookkeepers can offer suggestions to help grow your business based on these reports. Our bookkeeping firm even offers payroll, accounts payable and receivable. (We will enough fight with those stubborn customers that don’t like paying for you. )

New business owner? Start off right with a bookkeeper. Even though you think you don’t need it starting out. You have the same benefits expect you are a step ahead of your competition! Remember lots of tax firms/CPAs won’t work with you without having a bookkeeper and if they do they prefer not to. It’s easier for them at tax times to have reports in hand and file.

Bookkeepers offer so many benefits we would be here all day if I named them all for you! So before you completely write off the idea of outsourcing a bookkeeper, remember we can help you grow your bottom line!!! Whether its by suggestions based on reports or as simple as freeing your time so you can focus on your customers and growing your business! What are your business goals for the next 6 months, 12 months, 5 years? We want to help you achieve those goals!