How I stay motivated

How do I stay motivated?

~Whenever I’m in my car I have personal growth books (I’m in my car at least 4 hours a day on week days)
~You have to figure out your why . Why do you want to accomplish your goals /dreams(mine is my daughter has been come very active in extracurricular activities including joining baton competition team. I want to be able to travel with them without getting told no or asking permission period)
~Whenever things get tough( because at some point they will ) stay focused on why you started to begin with!
~Write down your goals/dreams like you have already accomplished them and read them daily . (affirmations)
~Make a dream board of your dreams. Use pictures whenever possible(words work too!) and hang it where you are reminded daily of these
~try not to complain! This changes your whole attitude on life in general. If you believe you can you. If you believe you can’t you’ve already failed.
~ remember everything is all in how you look at things . Look at the positive side of everything. There’s always 2 sides!
~I pray everyday for my business
~remember everything happens for a reason! God has a bigger plan than we can even imagine

These are a few of my favorite quotes (I could go on all day! Lol):
-“You don’t get paid by the hour, you’re getting paid by the value you bring to the hour”
-“Your dreams need a CEO not an employee”
-“If Egyptians built pyramids without machines you can build a business without excuses”
-“Some people will reject you simply because you shine to bright for them. And that’s ok. Keep on shining!”
-“If you have an idea remember God put it there for a reason”
– “Whenever you feel like giving up just remember Coca-Cola only sold 20 bottles the first year.”
– “No it doesn’t suck your negative mindset sucks stop complaining about what’s missing from your life and go out and manifest the crap out of your dreams!!!”
-” Someone you personally know is secretly hoping you lose. While someone you never met is inspired by your progress. Keep going!”
-“Your attitude is like a price tag it shows how valuable you are!”
-” A bad attitude is like a flat tire, you can’t go anywhere until you change it”